Some of these stories have received permission to be published in Iran. In some cases their permission has been revoked. Others have never received permission to be published in Iran. There are also stories whose authors have never contacted the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to receive permission to publish their work.

All of these works have been translated and published on this site with the explicit permission of the authors. In a few cases where authors are no longer alive, selected works are part of public domain.


Works Translated in 2014

Akbarpur, Ahmad                                          “Alef Publishing’s Advertisement”
Bahar, Shamim                                             “The Cloud Feels Like Rain”
Bahrami, Azardokht                                       “Stoned”
Behbahani, Farhad                                         Story of a Confession
Chubak, Sadeq                                              The Final Offering”
Esmaeili, Peyman                                          “Memorial Day”
Gharib, G. Hoseyn                                         “Disinterment”
”                                                                     “The Inscriber”
Golshiri, Hushang                                          “A Game of Chess”
Hedayat, Sadeq                                             “The Caravan of Islam”
”                                                                     “Ms. Alavieh”
Mandanipur, Shahriyar                                  “The Blind Deer”
Moayyerri, Mahdoran                                     The Unhoodwinked
Mahmudi-Iranmehr, Alireza                            “The Pink Cloud”
K. Tina                                                            “The Shadows of Misfortune”
”                                                                      “Eternal Life”


Works Translated in 2013

Alavi, Tahereh                                                     “As Always”
Golshiri, Hushang                                                “Innocent (2)”
Hajizadeh, Farkhondeh                                       “The Gendarme”
Jamalzadeh, Mohammad Ali                              “Ma’sumeh of Shiraz”
Khiyavi, Hafez                                                     “The Girl and the Baton”
Mahmudi, Sofia                                                   “The Miracle of the Wait”
Mohebali, Mahsa                                                 “Love in Vignettes”
Na’lbandiyan, Abbas                                           “You’re the one I…”
Rabihavi, Ghazi                                                   “The Hollow”
Riahi, Marjan                                                       “Censorship”,
”                                                                           “My Brother’s Blue Eyes”
Sa’idi-Sirjani, Ali Akbar                                        “Sheikh San’an”
Saberi, Maryam                                                    The Doll Maker
Shahsavari, Mohammad Hasan                          “Hollow Wood”
Tondro-Saleh, Shahrokh                                      “The Thief”


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